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Core Fitness

Frequently Asked Questions

Need to Know

Do you offer a Free Trial?

Yes, we offer a Free Trial class to new members. We totally understand that sometimes you need to experience what we do before you make the commitment. Please contact us today to book in your free trial class.

Do you offer casual passes?

Yes, We offer casual class passes. Please login/ register from the menu option above to view our session schedule and make your booking.

Are children allowed entry?

Yes of course! We are family run business with 3 small children of our own, we totally get it. Children are more than welcome in our studio however for safety reasons they must remain in the waiting area (which is still visible for the parents to keep an eye on them whilst training).

Are you a registered Worksafe Provider?

Yes, we are. If you have already been approved for your Gymnasium Membership or need a quote to submit for approval please get in contact with us.

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