Our Super EZ Curl Bar is perfect for isolating the biceps due to the angle of the handles. Great for Preacher Curls, Tricep Extentions, Angled Bicep Curls, Up-right Rows, Dead Lifts, Bent Over Rows and much more.

 Item Description

  • Fits Olympic 51mm or 2" Inches Weight Plates - (Which We also Stock)
  • Designed for full commercial gym use and also non comercial home use
  • Commercial grade knurling
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Length is approximately 120cm long
  • The guide shafts are approximately 49mm in diameter and 17cm in length
  • The solid bar weighs approximately 8kg

 What you will receive

  • 1 x Olympic Super EZ Barbell
  • 2 x Spring Collars

Olympic Super EZ Barbell + Collars



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