Terms and Conditions of ‘The Games’

1. The Bodytek Games is all about having fun, healthy competition and building community and culture. All fitness levels and physical abilities can achieve these tasks and win the games.
2. You participate in the games at your free will and are not obliged at any time to complete ‘The Games’.
3. Participants must tag on all social media posts: @bodytekfitnessaustralia with the hashtag #bodytekgames
4. Participants of the Bodytek Games must complete all tasks on the allocated day, if a day or task is missed, you will be automatically disqualified from the games.
5. Participants must have their Games Sheet stamped at the end of their class or provide evidence of task completion to Bodytek staff to receive a stamp.
6. It is the responsibility of the participant to have their games sheet stamped on the same day of the assigned task. No stamps will be issued for tasks that are completed on non-allocated days. Your task sheet cannot be backdated. (The only task that will be backdated will be the 5 star review on Facebook and Google, this must be written on Sunday the 15th, but will be stamped off on Monday the 16th after evidence of completion is shown to Bodytek staff.
7. 2km time trials that are completed on the treadmill must show the trainer evidence before exiting the gym (participant can provide photographic evidence from treadmill if trainer is not available to sight, but MUST be stamped off before exiting gym).​​

8. 2km Runs can be completed as a jog or walk. 2nd 2km run (Saturday 21st), you must beat your initial run/jog/ walk time from Saturday 14th.
9. If you have any physical health concerns or injuries, please consult with Bodytek staff for alternative training methods.
10. At the final weigh in you MUST weigh the same (or less) than you did at your initial weigh in.
11. All participants must warm up before all physical activity is undertaken.
12. The ‘Bring a Friend for Free’ task, cannot be a current member of Bodytek.
13. If multiple people finish all tasks, you will receive a golden ticket that will be drawn on the 24th of December 2019 at 12pm, live on Facebook. There will be only 1 winner of the Bodytek Games.
14. If you are caught cheating you will be automatically disqualified.
15. The 5 star review on Facebook and Google task, must be written on Sunday the 15th, but will be stamped off on Monday the 16th after evidence of task completion is presented to a Bodytek Staff member.

16. Bodytek will not tolerate any negativity towards the tasks set for the game or others. Bodytek reserves the right to disqualify participants if such acts are demonstrated by a participant.
17. Our current class schedule timetable will remain the same throughout the Bodytek Games however the same class as per the task of the day will be run at each session.
18. The gym will be open at 7am for the Bootcamp on Sunday 22/12/2019 for Bodytek game participants only. On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6am to 8:30am during Bodyteks Private Personal Training times, only these clients can have their session marked off during this time. All standard Bodytek Membership holders must do their classes within normal class scheduled times.
19. Saturday’s gym session. An individual gym training session is permitted during opening hours and will be counted as a valid stamped session.
20. The Bodytek Games Prize is a $1,000* travel voucher with TravelManagers-Penny Stansfield is non transferrable and cannot be redeemed for cash.
21. If no one completes the full games task there will be no winner of the Bodytek Games.

Good luck everyone and remember to have fun!